Individuals & Families

Many health insurance companies offer plans to WA state residents.  These plans may work well for those who are self-employed, work part-time or work for a business that does not offer health insurance.  They can also be an alternative to COBRA or expensive spouse/child rates offered through an employer.  

At CBP, we are proud to have established excellent relationships with local carriers for our clients who need Individual healthcare for themselves and their families. We can help you to find the plan that best suits your specific health needs and budget.

Individual plans can vary vastly in premiums, benefits & provider network so please let us know if you need help narrowing down a plan.

Individual Plan Overview:

There are several individual plan carriers in our state.  Here are some we work with:

  • MODA Health Plan (we can email you an application for this one; they do not have an embedded link)

We also offer a "temporary" policy through LifeMap (note: this plan is not ACA compliant).

Individuals may also sign up for coverage via the new Washington Exchange

The process for applying through the Exchange is more involved than applying directly through a carrier, but it is the only way to get a subsidy (if you qualify).  Another important note is that the provider networks within the Exchange are smaller than those you can get *outside* of the Exchange. 

Click here to see the subsidy calculator which will give you an idea if you qualify for a reduced premium.