Marketplace Notices Are Coming

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), each Health Insurance Exchange (Marketplace) must notify employers when they have an employee who has received a government subsidy to enroll in a health plan through the Marketplace. These notices will begin being sent to employers in the coming weeks and months, either individually or in batches. Because the notice procedure is being phased in, you may or may not receive notices, even if you have employees who received subsidies through a Marketplace. Here’s what you need to know.

Reason for Notice

These notices, also called 1411 Certifications in reference to the pertinent section of the ACA, will be sent to employers as part of the government’s verification efforts regarding persons who received Marketplace subsidies for individual health insurance. Marketplaces want to confirm whether the individual was eligible for, or enrolled in, an employer’s health plan since those facts can affect someone’s eligibility for subsidies.

You may receive a notice (similar to the sample found here) for each employee that received a subsidy to enroll in insurance through a Marketplace. The notice only informs you that the employee was granted a subsidy — it is not a notification that you have been assessed any penalty. Under the ACA’s play or pay rules, penalties may be assessed later by the Internal Revenue Service to applicable large employers for failing to offer full-time employees affordable minimum value coverage; however, play or pay penalties, and notice of them, are a separate process entirely.

What You Should Do

  • Even if you do not believe that any of your employees obtained individual coverage through a Marketplace, be on the lookout for these notices because you have 90 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal, if necessary. Notices may go to a subsidiary instead of the parent company or to a particular worksite instead of the employer’s main office, depending on the information the employee provided to the Marketplace. Alert all departments and worksites to watch for mail in envelops from a government agency or insurance Marketplace.
  • Important:Keep these notices confidential because employers are prohibited by law from discriminating or retaliating against employees who may receive subsidies. Consider segregating functions so staff involved in reviewing notices is separate from staff involved in employment or benefit plan decisions.
  • Establish your audit process for reviewing any notices you may receive and for filing appeals when appropriate. Confirm that the information is correct based on your employment and payroll records. If you are an applicable large employer subject to the ACA’s play or pay rules, you also should check if the employee was a full-time employee and, if so, whether you had offered affordable minimum value coverage to the employee. Read more about the notice and appeal process here.
  • File an appeal within 90 days of receipt of the notice if any of the information is incorrect. To do this, be sure to retain the notice and follow the directions for appeal. Remember that these notices will not advise you of any penalties on large employers, so appeals at this stage are to correct any mistakes in employment information. In addition:
    • If you are a small employer and not subject to the ACA play or pay rules, you are not impacted directly but your appeal may alert the Marketplace that the individual was enrolled in your group health plan and not eligible for subsidies.
    • If you are an applicable large employer who is subject to the ACA’s play or pay rules, you should be proactive in appealing the Marketplace’s subsidy determination if any information is incorrect. (An applicable large employer generally is one that employed an average of 50 or more full-time and full-time-equivalent employees in the prior calendar year. Related employers in a controlled group are counted together.) Although Marketplaces cannot access play or pay penalties, your appeal may help establish the facts and head off later penalty action by the IRS.

You may not receive Marketplace notices, but if you do, be prepared, review them thoroughly, and appeal incorrect information quickly.


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