HSA Plan Improvents Being Discussed

There are some HSA plan changes currently being discussed in Washington D.C (in the form of S. 1098 & H.R. 2010).  They would allow some improvements to the current HSA laws such as:

  • Giving spouses the chance to make catch-up contributions to the same HSA.
  • Eliminating discriminatory provisions against Medicare-eligible seniors so that they can continue to contribute to their HSAs.
  • Expanding the ability of individuals to purchase medical and long-term care insurance with HSA dollars.
  • Clarifying that prescription drugs used for preventative care purposes are not subject to HSA deductible requirements.
  • Allowing for FSA funds to be rolled over from year-to-year, to promote more responsible spending and allow individuals more choice in how they may use their FSA dollars.

For source & more information go here: http://capwiz.com/nahu/issues/alert/?alertid=50781501&queueid=7046206181.

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